Rone (27)

It’s Rone’s Birthday. I know this. So, Haps on the B, bro. Probably won’t see it, but that’s okay.

Happy Birthday Mr. Rone

you guys are fucking old

uh oops I mean happy birthday

Happy birthday you old geezer!

I remember when I was 27.

Wait what? No you don’t! Unless your DOB in your profile lies…


Males lie to look younger? This is news to me…

I’m 23. I had the DOB in my profile as 1985 until last year, so I made a joke about it. A joke you didn’t get and ruined.

Remember that time when I was married and had a kid? No? Okay.

I remember Spooon got upset when 12yo me tried to talk shit about his wife

She’s still my girlfriend. rofl