Sameira Restarting

Ok, I’m not very satisfied with the way sameira currently is, so I’m gonna restart on the server, it’ll still offer old levels of insides, just im restarting the overworld so it’s land instead of sea, cuz I find that players find it harder to get from island to island, plus, I’m horrible at cliffs, just letting to any staff and players know before and, all accounts but staff will be reset, just send a message to [email protected], tell us what weapons you had, and we might make a weapon restoration for you depending on our mood, the new update will be put in in a few weeks, and sameira will be staff only till then ;3 dont cry to us cuz u lost 250 gralats over a server, the server will be staff only on march 25th, so have your fun for a while and say good bye to all the islands :3 hopefully we’ll earn some players after the update is done, also, i’ll add a few screenshots here later to show our progress

You should give up and just play on other servers.

No, that’s not a good idea. Let him have a chance, he is trying his best and let him do that. Kondie Dev was a crazy mess but now look what it is! Noddess was a four level ugly overworld but now it’s actually decent. Put-downs go nowhere, try encouraging people instead.

Gotta admit, well said.

thanks for encouraging me :smiley: islands are ugly… i suck at them so i figured land would be better

yes water cliffs are a tricky part of latting but there quite simple if you exercise a bit of common sense and not giving into “I cant find the right tile so this one will do”.

please make this one fun.

i did that quite a while, after urza pointed that out, i tried my hardest to go back to fix em, but now i see that i always make my islands too small so there’s no sense of exploring them each

Water cliffs are easy. All cliffs are easy, actually.

hey blaze i need editing powers so i can fix some stuff in the over world, also i would like to upload my levels and add them to the server as well. thanks!

Why did you put your name at the bottom? It’s your post, isn’t it?

It could be a browser add-on or habit. A lot of people do it.

I will fight them!