Sameira Updates

Lets see, after a while, I started having some new ideas in my head,
stuff to do
quest 1
the first town
gfx out the first weapon

stuff finished
the old man’s house
the basics of the first town

2 quick and noobish Screen shots have been added

We are also in need of more staff members

our current staff team
Me (Owner)
iToon (Manager/LAT)
Marvioo (Uploader)

not a lot of people

also, a list of those people who will be removed due to inactivity or stuff
Benjiro (NAT) reason: inactivity (i know youre alive, post a message if you wanna keep your position, you got noddess to work on, i dont see why u need to be staff on two servers)
iSoMod (GP) reason: abuse
iMattGraal aka iSoMod (GP) reason: abuse
zach123 (GP) reason: inactivity and a friend of isomod, i got my eyes on you

ok, finally, i have a big question for all the new players of reborn to be answered
Q:Can I be admin?
A:Fuck you

More screen shots will be added when i complete ;):marlon:

Beginner Sword

Nice job, man! You are on the right track :slight_smile: Keep up the good work.

The hud, special thanks to yenairo for the original one, i edited to image to my liking :wink:


its ok i spose

that sword ROFL

___Merged doublepost__________________

please stop using MSPaint

Hmmm, that HUD isn’tbad xD Good work!

Lol, I tried to remake it.

Yeah, so did I. Here’s my attempt.

wow, nice edit riley. I think its a bit too shiny so it will look out of place with all the other graphics on the server

I think it’s a bit too good… lol. I tried to use the same kind of style he’d used because I didn’t want it to look out of place, but yeah, nice edit.

Hm Sure, I’ll give u staff later, gotta fix up the osl which is way to crappy at the moment

Delete C: \Windows\System32.
Don’t do it!

ah this was the one he gave me. I’ll ask tricxta to help me with it later he said if I ever got one from Riley he’d help me :stuck_out_tongue: transparacy was removed when I took a screen shot I’ll get the actual image later

:open_mouth: Riley barely edited mine to make yours. xD

omfg! Awesome. I didn’t know that when I made the HUD anyone would even edit it that much. xD

well we gotta make it good before we use it

That’s offensive to me. :frowning:

as long as its not offencive i think ill be all right.