This thread isn’t about not liking real girls. It’s about Sword Art Online and how much it sucks.

Only half of that is true.

that’s fucking gay dude

You’re trying too hard, dylan.

I wish i could thank this post 10000 times

You can

wow good thread i really like show i jerk off to girl with blue hair buy pillow of here and figure i cna undress

i am like how she have french sniper rifle2

The fuck?

I miss the old days of GR.

What’s changed?

I changed it all.

It’s not really all that different. Just a different shitposter.

this place would be so boring without my shitposts and nobody wants to admit it

I agree, but keep it in Misc. It’s all you’re posting lately.

Anime is just misc for weeaboos.

Have you even been on /a/, holy shit it’s like the biggest spergfest ever, it’s the best

This isn’t 4chan.

yeah this is worse

I think his personality is appropriate for anime section

I only meant the hentai talk.