I like it

It was okay. Didn’t get far though.

Its pretty pimp. I’ve been going through an anime phase this past week.

wow nice gender bender anime queer


that’s season 2, also enjoy the incest if you haven’t finished season 1

yeah just started season 2. things look like they could get pretty weird real fast.

Anime is butts. And I’m a boobs kinda guy.

I powered through a show last week where the whole plot revolved around boobs and how big they were.

I never said I liked big boobs.

The lesson I got from the show is that boobs come in all shapes and sizes. Also boobs may have their own agenda. And boobs have magical power. Boobs.

small breasts are superior

Welp. Finished season 2 and main character managed to not to fuck his sister. Yay.

fucking lame

but seriously I watched all of Oreimo and I was so disappointed he didn’t fuck his sister like wtf the show is about fucking her and he doesn’t

Y’all are messed up, fuck.

Attack on titan is messed up. I’m gonna have nightmares tonight.

Attack on Titans is what dreams are made of.

I actually didn’t even like Anime a year ago, I thought it was for faggots, and it definitely is. I decided to watch one series as a joke and it turns out being part Japanese actually makes you a sleeper Weeaboo and it triggered me. Anime has done terrible things to me. I actually had some chance of being normal and getting a girlfriend, but that’s over now. I deleted all of my music and pretty much only listen to weebfag music. I’ve collected over 500 high res anime images that I daily admire. Sometimes I find myself sitting at 3 : 00AM either arguing about why waifus are better than real women on 4chan or playing anime dress up games. The only upside is that I never even worked out or exercised that much before anime, but now I work out regularly for my waifu.

I seriously recommend you stop while you can.

I’ve been watching anime now for 19 years. I’m not stopping now. Anime isn’t for faggots. You’re dumb! FUCK! ::’(

I’m sorry. :suicide:

I like real girls.