Sausage City

Is Back ;D

Let us see where we can go now :]]]

Especially since I can script a bit now xD


join anderon :slight_smile: for i cannot script

Too loyal to Agret D;

Does the server have anything to do with homosexuals?

It might.

No, No, Just italians.

whats anderon?

Who knows. Xero is a nub. I don’t even think he knows what it is.

My Windows install fucked itself again so I can’t host anything (blocks ALL incoming connections, fucking thing)

Will hopefully re-install it on the Weekend as Microsoft Technet is no help at all in fixing this.

COOL! I never see this up anyways!

Agret you always have problems with Windows lol :x

Okay i re-installed windows again but instead of disabling the firewall this time i’ve left it on.
I changed the options to always allow all incoming connections and all outgoing connections, so in effect it does nothing. Hopefully it wont mess up and block all incoming this time.

What is your network set up like Agret? Have you considered a hardware firewall like m0n0wall?

Ive used it for a while now, and I havent had any issues with it. Initial setup can be painful tho…

I don’t use a firewall aside from the NAT on my router. In the past I have disabled windows firewall but on Windows7 it has started acting up after a few months and just blocking all my incoming connections (FIREWALL IS DISABLEDDDD) so I can’t explain that. So on this install i’ve just told it to allow everything and leave it on. No prompts for me and no blocking (hopefully).

ACK- ACK! Windows 7.

You’re on your own there, you masochist…

Hi, my name is eleventhree. Eight years ago I decided to finally stop using Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and upgrade to Windows XP. Yes, I know, Windows XP came out eight years after Windows for Workgroups 3.11, but, in keeping with binary tradition, I have to stick with Windows XP for 16 years before I finally upgrade.

I heard lots of good things about W7… I personally can’t run it, but I wouldn’t be against it if I had a computer that could.


I don’t have any reason to upgrade to something so painful.
I dont play many games, I really only use my computer for design and development now, I’m planning to move to OSX next year…

OSX is a horrible idea. Well, actually, it’s a great home computer. But put those suckaz on local networks and they crash and burn. We stopped using them at work because they had so many problems on the network.

You do know you can disable UAC and use your computer as a full admin like XP?
Also if you have a home network the file transfer protocol has been re-done and it is so much faster copying stuff now.