Save baddie gain?

Anybody able to take the time and teach me how to make a Save baddie that gives something (ex money, a kill) to the person who gets the last hit on it? :confused:

I’m HORRIBLE with Save style baddies, but if I used just a simple baddy it wouldn’t work at all with other players.

Please note: Teach, or even just give some advice, please.

I’ve made a save baddy and tried to do this, but it ends up giving EXP to EVERYONE in the level but you oO

You probably just need to use strings. I might throw an example together later… (If you have the fishing pole or ATM script you can just figure out from them.)

Strings have nothing to do with it o.o

I can write you an example if you want.

Zzzz nobody can do fucking anything themselves

oo what kind of server are you working on, Twiggy? Do you want help? :0

Oh they don’t… Sorry Twiggy, I am unfit to help you, maybe Spooon will do it for me if I can get Dontar to give him a cookie?

Show me an example? :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve been working on an RPG-Styled server, weapons are good so far, but I really just need to work on Monsters, Skills, Quests, and Shopping at the moment and I need to make a new Q-Style menu since it’s a bit buggy.

Help on scripts would be great, but even better help would be to teach me a bit more, I rather learn than have it all given to me ahha :slight_smile:

I’m learning a bit by doing this, but not all that much sadly as I have been seriously busy lately xD

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We can do it ourselves, it just takes some explaining to help learn, that’s why they have schools, nobody can learn if nobody can teach.

I mean the learning. I taught myself how to script, as did most other people.

I’m grounded :frowning:

Ok? How about showing him like you said you would.

I don’t have a computer to type on.

I stole it. I’m kidding, you were grounded.

I know.

Don’t lie on this here forum, hear?

You can’t even script that well though Spooon Dx

I can script just fine, I can get anything I put my mind on to work, I just don’t know how to make Save styled up baddies so everyone can see them workin instead of making something in there that only works for one person then bugs the whole level due to no NPC-Server :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing on Evi I’m using so far from anyone else script-wise is the Hotkey system is based from Urza’s system, but it’s more or less completely changed up to match my wants, I could go and do it the lazy way and make it to where monsters are only seen by the client, aka each client would have their own monster and no party system would ever be use-able unless some godly programer goes and wants to play Graal then makes an NPC-Server then I wouldnt have to do the save way :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s not in that case now then Sp000n o;

Plus, Evi is moving slow ;p so I have time to wait, I barely work on Evi once a week now since I’m busy usually. So cross march to probally august oO (Turned eighteen awhile back xd )

To Downsider, I can wait for ya if you want ahha, I would love the help from someone with a brighter mind for this. When I start school in March my Electives are going to be covering some languages like VB, Java, Delphi, and .C, All the fun of “Computer Theory” I guess. So maybe I’ll learn how to do much more than I’ll need to know at some point this year :o ( I hope since I’ll need something to have work-ethics towards if I want out of vegas…

I script just as well as you do, I just don’t script things like you guys. I’m much to lazy.

Stop that then D;!

im the best scripter ever

Unpossible, everybody knows you were scripted by Beholder.

twat r u tlkin bout… . . . . . . . ?