Scripting Help

I need someone to help me script, I am making a playerworld and have no idea how the scripting works.

I need someone just the make a /stafftag script with the ranks,

Manager, Administrator and Delevoper

And I also need to know how to hire people

Thanks in advance


How to Hire People:
Step 1 [Giving them a Guild Tag]
Go into the Guilds/ folder in RC, and edit/create a guildSTAFFPOSITION.txt
example: guildManager.txt

Add them into the text file, either as accountname:player nick (Fixed Name) or just as accountname (Any playernick may be used, this is a GServer Modifcation, it is not this way on Official)
example: iSlayer:iSlayer

Step 2 [RC Rights]
In RC Chat say /openrights accountname
example: /openrights iSlayer

Check off the appropriate rights, and give them a compatible IP Range, ... for all IP Ranges (insecure), x.x.. for Dynamic IP Ranges, to keep Staff Rights disabled.

Step 3 [Give RC?]
Go into your Server Options, look for staff= and add their account into that list.

As for the /stafftag, normally you cannot change playernames (and guilds) without an NPC-Server, however we have a GServer Mod using Triggeractions. Not that you probably care about these details anyway cough Era

if(playerchats && startswith(/stafftag,#c)) {
triggeraction 0,0,gr.setguild,Staff; //Change “Staff” to whatever guild tag you desire.

With the /stafftag will that automaticly stop non-staff players from having the guild tag or can anyone use it?

Is there a script which only allows staff to say that?

In the cases of, “only staff”, they used a flag.

setstring isstaff;
Once this was run on a player, they were accepted by NPCs as “Staff”. (NPCs using if(isstaff) {} )

uuh what? can you put that last thing into a script? and how do i make a player isstaff

…I severely recommend you at least understand the basics of GScript (or hire someone who does) before asking for, “not really needed fancy stuff”.

There is such a wonderful built-in command called “setnick” that will already make it so no one can wear a staff tag if they’re not staff.

So once I’ve done the first the steps I should be ready to go! And hire a scripter…


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If this community’s goal is to create a nice atmosphere, I must be real about it and say that this kind of thing shouldn’t be done :frowning:

It’s true he didn’t check out a tutorial himself, or ask where a scripting tutorial is. However, the way Beholder reacted I think is a very balanced way - very nice how he dealt with his impatience (or so it would seem).

However, if it is not the goal of this community to create a nice atmosphere, I must ponder, and ask myself, and others what the goal should be. Working towards a common goal is a great thing and should be clear for everyone, don’t you agree?


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