Seed7 programming language allows to define the syntax and semantics of the language

I thought back about Graal project while reading Seed7 description.

Because in Seed7, the syntax and semantics of keywords is not pre-defined, but define in loading the default library.
So, I guess this means that it could define some GS2 like programming language in a library.
It somehow make it easy to test and try a programming language I suupose.

There is some limitations, like not allowing gotos.
Question: Can I use an “abc.s7i” include file to boot to the abc language?

There is a runtime type that define a program… so it should allows to load and execute a script.
See the lib:

It does have a few 2D games like programs, like: (not too convincing but that is an example).

Graphics library is defined, common to Unix and Windows, but is not SDL.
Can read about the libraries there:
I see no common to Linux and Windows sound library. In fact I see no Linux sound library.

Defining a syntax is explained in chap. 9 of the manual:

General info on language on:

But if I think a bit more about it, I think it might not fill the security requirement.
The language extended is not really separated from the main language.
So I suppose a script could erased the hard disk if the user running it can… which is quite bad.
Also, looking a bit more, it seems that the lexer/parser need well separated tokens.
wait( 3 . Seconds);
So… Forget it… not worth it. Nimrod better in the end.