Seeker's Development Server!

Seeker Development: A Work in Progress!

What it’s about
I got bored so I decided to make a server. I’m hosting it, so it can only be on so often, I have to share the internet with my family, torrent and also go to school. It’s a Classic styled server with silly quests and stuff. I don’t really have much of a plan for it, I just make stuff. I’m gonna need a name for it, please don’t come up with anything that sounds like a foreign disease. Something that sounds nice, but not too complicated.

Cool Story Bro! Can I be Admin?
No, unless you can actually develop levels or something no. I’m not really looking for staff even if they’re really good developers, I’d rather stick to myself for this project!

Blank is Broken!
Then I’ll have to fix it. Just post what’s gone wrong right here in this thread, and I’ll try my best (and probably fail) to fix it.

Looks at signature and laughs

No admins? You’re gonna give up on this project in a few weeks.

Shaddup fegget!

I give this a week before Seeker gets bored and moves on to his next project, in a never ending cycle.

Idea -> Works on for a 1-2 week period -> Bored ,

F*ck my life.

It ain’t easy bein’ Weegee.