Seeking someone to do a head and body sprites for graal (player)

Hi! I’m seeking someone who can do a head and body of the attached picture im willing to pay too

That looks like it would make a pretty cool outfit, but my guess is you won’t find anybody around here willing to do that. I would just post this on graalians and maybe not mention that you’d pay and hope for free stuff lol. Best of luck.

Graalians stopped taking new members…

Wait what? I wonder why that is… When did they start doing that?

I sense the coming of the second iPlayer influx, oh goodie

I’m not from the iPhone version of Graal.

At least we’d have somewhat of a playerbase.

Let me guess, you play the android version instead?(It’s the same server zzzz)

Sir, Now there’s no reason for the aggression. I can’t STAND the Ios or the FB version at all.
I’m from 2004 Graal. I was mostly in UN and Kingdoms. bill_cosby I was known as. Wocky back then.
Heck, Even my icon is from those days.
Some things never change though. Lol, Even Graal Private Severs are just the same as the community always was. haha.mean and hostile.
Graal… Graal never changes.

Graal is pretty much the last place I can just cut the kindness pretense and be blunt. The internet is growing too soft and needs a trigger warning on everything. Wocky sounds familliar to me. Are you related to antago? Did you make something for UN?

The way graal should be played

honestly this design is so much of a pain in the ass to do 100%. I think I’ve got the hard parts down. How much would you be willing to pay for something like this? I’d do the head as well, of course. I don’t really have much motivation to continue.

yiff yiff yiff

Yes. Yes I would.

Ok but how much…?

One hundred million billion trillion gazillion dollars. But yeah if I ever get an actual amount instead of a “yes”. I’ll probably continue. I don’t like to sound like a dick, but it’s gonna take quite long, and I don’t really have spare time this month unless someone is handing me money.


Yeah that would be great. I’ll finish it ASAP, but I’ll try not to rush it. Did you plan to use this on the official server?

I was thinking both.
Maybe on official zodiac.