sendlog implementation

Hello can you please work out the packet for sendlog by packet spamming the client?

sendlog packet should send text to the log window that pops up when inside the client and you press ALT+0

It would be excellent if you can report file send / not found messages in this log.

[22:15] Sending image block.png

[22:15] Sending big image ubermap.png… (64kb of 250kb)
[22:16] Sending big image ubermap.png… (128kb of 250kb)

[22:17] File not found: wtfbbq.png

Timestamps optional, however big files would be very useful for finding out if a tileset is downloading still or if you need to restart your client or something


I like this idea, will be useful to help report missing to server owners.

Not to mention debugging by server owners. I’ve had to hack together an icky script I’m not entirely sure actually works >_>