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Yay, 100 posts! Im a senior member now! :smiley:

Random thread though xD

Now be a Donor?

When’s that

How many posts?


LOL Fucking noobs.

LOL its called you donate money … “DONAR” fffssss

i might donate… im still thinking about it

___Merged doublepost__________________

[SARCASM]hurry send one of the exotic threads to misc[/SARCASM]


D: When you get like me I can earn Senior in 2 days.

I deserve a title.
Spam-bot K1600.
Not really though.

You can be a minion.

When did it ever stop?

It never stopped

It would be awkward for me to be a minion

edit: i prefer the term “conspirator”

who are spooons minions?

and Osama Benladen

wha, Ben laden not part of his minions 0.0
Edit: On second thought, that would be just plain scary. and i am my GF’s “minion” somewhat

It’s fucking bin laden unless ur referring to ben as in benjiro