Any ways, I was thinking about a ol’ idea I mentioned awhile back. Pretty much going with a set up like “Fate”.

A town, and a dungeon.
(Eh, could also do like a few towns and a few dungeons . . any ways.)

I’ll be using Pics1.png.
I am currently working on a story.

Basically the server will be a place for people to chill, play mini-games, and/or play events if they get bored of Leveling in the Dungeon(s).
Their will be several boss monsters in the dungeon(s) all going back to the main Campaign/Quest/Plot.
Different changes in scenery the further in you go, may be even little out posts where you can rest and restock. A few wandering merchants, etcetera.
Loads of quests! (Collection, Hunting, Exploring, etc.)

The idea is still being worked on by me, I think it will be a quick and simple server to get up and running. Very basic . .

Any ways, if you like the idea and may want to lend a hand when need be, just tell me. All skills are welcomed.

(It will be stat based rather than specific classes. . . eh scrap that may be.)

I am putting a hold on all development of Requiem of Shadows that (I) am doing, since I can’t get help. lol
Thanks! - Riley.

Im not that skilled, but id like to help.

I have some PHP/MYSQL experience for web development, and i can make basic levels with basic npcs.


All help is welcomed. :smiley:

Or rather!

All help is good help. Unless I some how get horribly maimed during a mishap from your help and become a vegetable and lose the will to live. . . besides that, all help is good.

I’ll PM you when I get more details for the idea/server. So keep your eye out eh. :smiley:

Edit: [I actually typo’ed, thanks Eleven. lol]

sorry ‘maned’? did you mean maimed? >_<

or maybe you meant horribly over staffed. im not sure

Finally! Serenity takes shape!

It’s a bit long, but I don’t think it turned out too bad. Let me know what you think of it. Also, still looking for help! lol
Hello, I am but a General for the Alliance. You may call me Hasegawa. I’ll tell you a story though not complete. So please listen.[/spoiler]
[Spoiler=2)The Story Begins!]
(The Story Begins!)
The world, shrouded in a blanket of peace.
These are the lands we call . . Serenity.

Well, at least it use to be peacefull.
Until that man came from the depths of the abyss. Slithering into the throne of power, using ruthless creatures to fight. Wait!!! I am getting ahead of my self again, let us start at the beggining.[/spoiler]
[Spoiler=3)The Dauerhafter Friede Treaty?!?]
(The Dauerhafter Friede Treaty?!?)
At first Serenity knew nothing, but war. The Five Great Kingdoms of the Forest, Waste, Volcanic, Oceanic, and Artic Lands. Were always fighting over land, expanding their boundaries. It seemed like the pointless fighting would never stop.

One day, a King. King Kimura of the Forest Lands came to his senses. Realising how useless the war’s were, and the tolls they were taking on the kingdom. He immediatly called a meeting with the other Kings. Trying to persuade the other Kingdoms, he wrote a peace treaty. With the treaty, the Kingdoms were to give up their arm’s and divide up the lands equally.
The King’s realising how costly the war’s were becoming, both in life, and currency. Decided that the “Dauerhafter Friede Treaty” was more than fair, and a much better alternative to the slaying of innocent people.

Finally! The land was quiet. War’s had become a thing of the past, but . . . who would have guessed what would happen next . . .[/spoiler]
[Spoiler=4)He Appears!!]
(He Appears!!)
One day, out of the blue! The Kingdom of the Waste Lands attacked the Forest Lands. Destroying a town and it’s inhabitants on the border of the Forest and Waste Lands. Children, Women, and Men, not a single individual was spaired, or taken prisoner. All were excuted.

A single villager had reached his Highness Kimura. Telling him of monsters with no human form, claws, fangs, and piercing eyes, demons. He instantly dispatched messengers to the Kingdom of the Waste Lands. Not a single one had returned. Meanwhile the attacks on border towns were growing in numbers, and in ferocity. The King had reached his limit, he sent out his armies to the towns still left intact to fordify their defenses. While also dispatching spies to find out the Kings plan.

After a few weeks had gone by and the attacks becoming even more ruthless. The spies returned with strange news. Supposibly the King of the Waste Land was dead, and a individual had siezed power. The identity, and history of the individual was unknown.
All that was known was he had absolute power, and was planning on taking over the lands of Serenity.

King Kimura decided to take another step to prevent this, he summoned the other Three Noble Kings to a secret meeting. Wanting do discard the “Dauerhafter Friede Treaty” and form an alliance against this growing power. He explained that after he burns the Kingdom of the Forests out of existence, he would then turn on the other Three Great Kingdoms, one by one. The Three Noble Kings realising this decided to form the alliance with King Kimura and discard the “Dauerhafter Friede Treaty”.[/spoiler]
[Spoiler=5)The Current Land]
(The Current Land)
After years of fighting, the Aliance was able to push back the Kingdom of Wasteland’s armies to a single point. To the Waste Land’s Capital, Caverna. A maze of Tunnels and Passageways leading to an underground City. This is where that Man is making his stand.

The armies fatigued from fighting can’t fully rid him from this world. So the Aliance has set up barriers and outposts in Caverna to hold him and his army inside. How long it will hold . . no one knows.
So! The alliance has set up a Head Quarters right out side of Caverna, luring all warriors in an attempt to finally dispatch the evil.
[Spoiler=6)Final Thought]
Be you magician, knight, archer, priest, or bandit. . The underworld of Caverna is waiting for you. That man . . he is also waiting.
I wonder how the end of this story will turn out?[/spoiler]


To tell you the truth, I doubt many of us care about the story of a server.

Will it be fun to play?

What Spooon said.

lol Spoon

Spoon, don’t get mad over a story. It just helps explain things. It’s also the course of the main quest/campaign. The story is to just give you an idea of what your role is. lol
Other than that, Story-Lines are in every game almost. So the next time you hop on your Computer, Wii, PS3, or GayBox (XBox) and play Fable or Oblivion, even Halo, Call of Duty, or any game, remember they all (or most) have a story. Most games these days have a story-line behind them. A plot if you will. Be it fact or fiction.

I think it’s a good idea, and simple to execute. If you have ever played Fate . . you would at least get what it was. Maybe even Dungeon’s and Dragon’s. (Video Games, not Board Games) lol
Basically you just venture into a single “Massive” cave. Filled with monsters and what not. Do hunting quests and what not. Then eventually lead your way to the very bottom and slay the main evil character.

Enough said~

I understand the way the game works, and I love the idea. However, I dislike the story.

Spoon is Spoon I suppose.

Thanks for that.

[b]Back to the main point.
I am still looking for help, any help. The idea is very simple and shouldn’t be too hard to get working. I’ll also be using Pics1 to an extent, so levels can be made right away.

So if you have nothing better to do, please lend a helping hand.[/b]

What Spooon said.

I don’t get it Seraph. .

I don’t get what you are talking about . .
If you don’t like the story, please suggest a correction.
Other than that, I explained why I have a story in the first place . .

Also, for those who are just now reading this thread, please start at the beggining to understand it. I know some would rather read the latest post rather than the first.

Help is still wanted if possible.
Arigatou gozaimasu.

I don’t think Serenity sould have player houses.


Agreed, but I decided to throw it in out of complete boredom. lol

Anyways, an update thus far.
I haven’t loaded this to the server yet, but I have an outside gmap.
I have 3 Caverna sections complete, one including a small “Outpost”.

Still looking for any help.(Any type of staff, aside from GP/FAQ/ET)
I’m using Pics1 for levels, to an extent at least.

STFU >:|

Slowely coming along.

Well, Serenity is slowely getting there . . . Level wise at least.
The Alliance HQ is halfway done or so.
The Side Entrance Cave is open, only 3 cave levels in total though.
The Magician’s shop (level wise) is done.
The Warrior’s shop (level wise) is done.
The Archer’s shop (level wise) is done.

Also a few other inside levels are done-ish. lol

So far my staff are (At least I think)
(No Clue Position) SeraphX
(Levels) Garacat

. . . ::Pause::

Yeah, that’s it for now. Anyways, I still need any type of staff.
Anyone is welcome to help out!!

If you don’t know what Serenity is about, please go back to the first post and read.

There better be a thief class… I like speed.


Magician (Party Spells)
Warlock/Witch (Attack Spells)

These are the classes, besides the “Begginer” class.

[b]Could still use any staff I can get!
The idea behind the server isn’t a very hard one to make.

My Current Staff : Garacat, SeraphX, eleventhree, Sunaka
Please lend us help if you can![/b]

Beginner… that’s original.

Onion Knight

Just some other options…