Server 24 hours open?

How can i make my server 24 hours open, like Sumer Isles or KOS or Bomber Arena or PWA?

Don’t shut it off,

GR Gold Account 2013 ($100 to my PayPal) or Life ($100 to my PayPal per year)

PM me and I’ll set the server up for you. Archive your whole server-folder in a ZIP or RAR and send me a link and I’ll set it up on the OpenGraal Hosting. On one condition though, tell me when you stop working on it so I can take it down.


That’s about as much as for a server on the official graal O_o

Really? Top-notch prices, tbh.

I’ve heard it was 130 a year but you still need stefan’s ok…
And rumor has it that stefan is an ass… but you can’t believe high schoolers about that kind of thing…

I think he is a fine gentleman.

Whoever made a lttp online has to be a genius.
Really, this is my favorite game ever, been playing it for 11 years and it never got old.
If I could actually get paid to develop for this game I’d have finally found the dream job.

What!? OMG… no way bro!

I said that meaning it’s not what I think…
Really, that guy can’t be that bad… besides that he’s making money out of other people’s free labor.