Server Admin List on Server HQ

[04:35] <+LnxmadMobile> Cad, u should list admins
[04:35] <@Cadavre> list admins?
[04:35] <@Spooon> Lnxmad, you should shut up
[04:35] <@Spooon> WORD
[04:36] <+LnxmadMobile> On serverhq
[04:39] <@Cadavre> LnxmadMobile, what admins? serveradmins is sorted by the server itself, the gserver would need to be edited to send the current admins from serveroptions to the listserver then the listserver have to be coded to interpret that, then the website has to convert usernames to id’s and so on, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

^ Make it happen.

Also sort them based on what the tag in brackets before them in the staff= is.

For example:


show on site as:

• Agret
• Spooon
• lnxmad
• Spooon

lol, isn’t that a little over the top?

In what way? You don’t like people knowing you are staff on every server online urza? :stuck_out_tongue:

:P, actually that number has gone down quite a bit (it’s 6-7 now 5 of which i host)

It’s a good idea, but rather pointless in my opinion

Does server the purpose of noobs being able to click the username to spam pm’s with “CAN U MEK MI GUNZ PLZ?!! THX!! ^_^”


___Merged doublepost__________________

Never mind, i figured out you meant that you would link each name in the admin list to the person’s forum profile

Correct. And I accidentally typed server instead of serve.