Server Competition

There are several servers in development, but I find myself unmotivated to play them. I think the level generator’s killing level quality, as you have to focus on too many levels to make them any good and most efforts at detailing are forced into buildings and just look unnatural. We’re also overusing the basic jobs from the Graal DVD.

We should have a competition to see who, aside from Beholder, can actually focus on something for more than five minutes and build up a following. Maybe we can con Cadavre into giving the best server Gold status…

If anybody is interested post how you’re going to approach making the best server so we can debate strategy.

Ok, I’ll enter.

You mean Joey, I thought it was Joey who controlls the “Gold Server” Status. Since he was using it to test his NPC-Server and such xd

Tell me what the deadline would be, I would enter.

I know Joey assigned it to Bomber, Cadavre was in charge of the registration stuff though, but yeah… How about trying to have something up by June 26, I think the competition should run at least into August.

:confused: Lazy, yo.

You could just make a twenty level server like Unix Graal and hope the rest of us are assassinated by ninjas.

Got it xD I’ll have something up before that for ya.

I think Downsider will win. All he has to do is put up Worldcraft.

I might have a go if I can be assed.

I Vote for downsider.

I wouldn’t be so sure, Downsider doesn’t tend to stick around long enough to keep a following.

I’m going to remake Vinland with a vastly improved overworld. I’ve also got a decent baddie system going, so I should be able to make some actual quests. (I wasn’t using functions to do anything before so most of my scripts were junk.)

True that is.

I thought it had to be a new server? Not something you’ve been working on previously?

That’s what I’m doing regardless.

As I thought it has to be something new ;p

I started completely over on Evi, I started more or less two days ago, all I’ve got is an island, not even complete yet O:

Downsider, finish it D:! You make great things, but you always change what you are working on and go to something else :(((

I’m indifferent whether people start fresh or go with something old. The goal’s for people to actually develop something good and active enough to earn Gold status.

Regardless I’m dumping the old Vinland and starting completely fresh. I just started today and I’m apparently ahead of Twiggy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not doing anything in truth, just defending myself.

Also, your not much ahead of me really :stuck_out_tongue: I’m detailing ALL mystuff as I go thus it’s going to be slow. ;p Look at the Evi subforum and the Level dev logs lol :stuck_out_tongue:

To do for me:

Scripts (Which should take 1 day only for me to finish the majority)

I also work everyday(Walmart sucks :<) so I can only do oh so much daily since I’ve got MUCH to do, I’m a busy person O:! I work, Girlfriend, Bills, Pets. So be nice Dx

If I didn’t start over, this is what it would be more or less (Second/Third image) Along with a map of 1.2k levels xX…

Are you implying Beholder can maintain focus on his projects for more than five minutes? Or that even if Beholder only focuses on something for five minutes, it’s still better than anything else?

Should focus on making the overworld shape a little more… interesting. Right now it’s ending up looking like a square, which is boring to look at.

Also, you shouldn’t lock threads about your playerworld news… it doesn’t give anyone the ability to chime in input :stuck_out_tongue:

All I saw was the overworld which was empty and it sounded like you were still focusing on the shore. I like your old levels and I know you can script, so I wouldn’t count you out. Then I can’t draw so I’m stuck with what I can scavenge.

However I think my strategy of working out from the center and building around the mountainous terrain’s going to help me overcome any conventional adventure/rpg servers. Everything will be scaled so I won’t have to fuss with filling green space.

Wal-Mart sucks, I hope you have plans for being out of there within a year, it isn’t worth it. I just got out of there and my life is infinitely better. I make more hourly+overtime, work consistent time, and it’s less likely random drunken trash is going to scream at me for a solid hour while their kids scream needing to use the bathroom and eventually soil themselves all over the damn floor.

Oh and Shiny, you should get in on the competition–I’m sure you could make a really cool game using Graal. More puzzle/arcade type servers would be awesome.