Server crash after reset player attributes

Scenario: A player is connected to the server. Admin resets attributes of said player. Server crash on player reconnect. Happens frequently enough for me to post about it here.

I think this bug is fixed if you compile the latest from svn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you try a newer gserver? It would be nice to know if this isn’t an issue.

No I haven’t compiled anything from svn. Is it written in C? Or are you still using code::

I’m running Gserver 2.3.1 which to my understanding is the latest official/stable build. If you want to compile a newer build, I’ll be more than happy to test it. If you would like help testing the newer updates you post to svn, I do have an svn browser and hopefully enough understanding/patience to compile and test the latest updates as you post them. I just need to know what I would need to compile the source.

To compile the source, you need some sort of C++ compiler. On Windows, the easiest would be Visual C++ 2010 Express.

After that, and after you use SVN to grab the gserver, you navigate to the build directory. Shift+Right click inside the folder and choose “Open Command Window Here”. If you are using Windows XP, suck. You have to manually navigate there. Next, type: build_vs2010 --no-boost

Double click your gserver2.sln file. Click Build/Build Solution. Wait a bit. Once completed, your binary file should be in the bin folder.

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You know, I may as well just release what I have as a new gserver version. A lot has changed.

Yeah, release it! Woot less bugs!

This sounds good. Even if you release now I still wouldn’t mind testing out the latest svn commits as you post them. I have VS2010 already and tortoise svn browser running on win7, so it sounds like I should beable to compile without any issues. I’ll keep you posted.

You will need to compile boost (annoying bitch of a thing that takes up wayyyy too much space) but then you should be fine with that environment you have setup :slight_smile:

I added the ability to compile without boost. You just can’t use the threaded capabilities of the server.

build_vs2010.bat --no-boost

how different will it be

Well, you can’t run multiple servers out of one instance of gserver.exe. And the program will wait until upnp either succeeds or fails when it first starts up.

:frowning: i dont like the sound of that

so boost doesnt actually make the gserver run any better

No, not really. It speeds up the initial bootup because it sticks the UPnP discovery and stuff on its own thread so the gserver doesn’t need to wait for it to complete, and it adds a feature. Other than that, it is not used. It was used heavily at one point, but I ended up changing it.

Nothing has happened with this bug in a while, so I’m marking as resolved.

i think boost should be removed. its in there to make hosting multiple servers easier, but i had to remove it so the system i use to host multiple servers works. it just gets in the way.

Boost can easily be removed. I added a “-no-boost” command line argument for the premake4 script.

If you want a Visual Studio 2010 project without boost:
premake4 -no-boost vs2010

yup yup. i also hate premake.

Why? You download the source and it comes with premake4.exe for Windows, along with .bat files to build whatever you want. If you have Linux, premake4 is going to be in one of your software repositories. It isn’t any different than something like cmake. Just easier to use. Be glad I am not forcing you to use cmake.