Server crashes each time anybody enters a given level

Hi guys!
The latest Gserver works great with many nice features, but i’m having a weird issue…
Gserver crashes each somebody goes into a given level

The level is the following “lizboss.nw”
Here’s a link if you wanna check it out

I don’t really get it… I kept doing tests, I’ve cleaned up the code, and at least 50% of the time the server crashes while the player is in the lizboss.nw level

You can usualy get out of the level and walk for a while, but the level in the player status remains lizboss.nw and it eventualy crashes and brings you back to an older state when the Gserver restarts.

When this bug occurs, the Gserver takes 100% of it’s allowed CPU and it cannot be closed by ctrl-C, even if it says that the server is shutting down (I’ve let it open for a night and it was still frozen using 100% CPU)

I don’t know if something is wrong with the level, but I don’t see a reason why the Gserver would hate it so much…

Here are some elements that could help you point out the problem:
This level uses custom baddies gifs (black and white lizards)
This level uses the ifcompusdied twice, but the bug seems to occur after the first compusdied

I had this problem on Zolderon. No idea why it happened, and I don’t rememeber how Urza and I fixed it.

We used to have this issue on GTA aswell for a loooong time…

Maybe it’s those custom baddies? He’s probably using that command I think it’s putnewnpc for the custom baddies instead of making his own with ganis. That could be a problem, it’s happened to me before.

It could be a baddy issue. I’ll have to look into it. There has been baddy issues before.

Well I removed the custom baddies and replaced them by normal lizardons and it still crashes the server…

I’ll keep trying other stuff… is there any temp file I could clean in case the bug is fixed but some temp file never got erased and keeps reproducing the error?

Can you please give me the following files:

Once I have these, I can start debugging.

So it’s a baddy problem for him? The level that made Zolderon crash had no scripts unique to that level. I eventaully removed all scripts and it still crashed. Doesn’t do it anymore though.

May have been a problem with the last server version it was using…

Have you tried renaming the level or remaking it with a different name? I don’t know about this, but it might work.

My server’s down right now, cuz that bug makes the gserver take 100% of the cpu and it ends up making me unable to access my remote computer…

Here’s the latest lizboss.nw without the special lizardons:

Here’s the link to the 3 gifs in case you still wanna test stuff:

I’ll try changing the link and the level name, I’ll test it as soon as I can

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Here’s the code, and I think I found where it gets stuck, altough I have no idea why

if (playerenters && !kinglizdied && !2ndroundliz) {
say 0;set 1stroundliz;putcomp lizardon,x+5,y;putcomp lizardon,x-5,y;
putcomp lizardon,x+10,y;putcomp lizardon,x-10,y;


if (playerenters && kinglizdied) {lay lizardshield; hidelocal;}

if (compusdied && 1stroundliz &&!2ndroundliz) {message NO!!!;

// HERE -> The moment this script starts, I see the “NO!!!” But no baddies appear and the server crashes…

set 2ndroundliz;unset 1stroundliz;
message TIME TO DIE!!!;
putcomp lizardon,x-5,y;
putcomp lizardon,x+5,y;
putcomp lizardon,x,y+5;
putcomp lizardon,x-10,y;
putcomp lizardon,x+10,y;
putcomp lizardon,x,y+10;
putcomp lizardon,x-15,y;
putcomp lizardon,x+15,y;
putcomp lizardon,x,y+15;
putcomp lizardon,x-7,y;
putcomp lizardon,x+7,y;
putcomp lizardon,x,y+7;
putcomp lizardon,x-3,y;
putcomp lizardon,x+3,y;
putcomp lizardon,x,y+3;
sleep 0.1;
set finalsimliz;

if (exploded || washit || wasshot || waspelt) {message OUCH!;}

if (compusdied&&2ndroundliz&&!1stroundliz&&finalsimliz) {putleaps 2,x,y;hide;
lay lizardshield;
set kinglizdied;
say 1;}

Gotta love those unnecessary timeouts!

Now that you mention it, there are two of them in there for NO reason. :o

That script is awful.

Unfortunately, it worked for me when I tested it. I was able to complete the encounter. So either something else is causing it, or the issue has already been fixed in the SVN repo.

Here is the latest SVN build:

Thx for the gserver… however I started it, try to log onto my server, and I came across a level empty of sprites, the gserver gave a debug error, here it is:

uh. make a backup of the level that did that o_o

Oh man, I just MUST know what caused that! That is the only status number that I haven’t mapped out yet.

Right now every level is empty of sprites in the GServer SVN build you sent me…