Server Creation

Im having some server problems. I just made a server and I cant connect to it. I dont know if Im doing it right or if Im doing it wrong or if the server even got created even though i followed all the steps to creating one. Please Help.

Have you set the IP related settings in serveroptions.txt? Have you portforwarded (if you have a router)?

if you cant get it to work i would be more than happy to host your server on my vps free of charge :slight_smile:

Wow Do You Have To Portforward To Create One? Thats Stupid >.>

Great Job On The Capatalization Bro.

Step 5.

There is UPnP in the server aswell that would do the portforwarding for you (if your router is UPnP enabled). How is it stupid? Any game you host a server for you need to portforward in order for anyone else but you to be able to play.

Oh Ok :slight_smile: I Just Hate The Fuss Of Portforwarding It Portforwarded For Me And It Worked. I Have My Own Gserver Now And Me And My Brother Can Play Together Again :slight_smile:

:expressionless: Why do you type like that?

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Cry Tears Of Happiness In Ridiculous Laughter!