Server help and help in general

Well, im very new to this forum i’m not sure if im posting this in the right place… but i recently downloaded graal reborn and ive heard in the past you could make free servers? Well i was wondering how i would create one, i just want one where i can practiss gs2 (if you can do that on here) and play around with rc/add my gfx to levels. How would i set up my server/make one is the question?
Thanks in advance,

We have LOTS of resources on how to setup things in the Frequently Asked Questions section and the Tutorial section of the forum. This particular question has been asked over and over again. Be sure to look if we have already answered your question before asking. There is a Search function under the Quick Links tab at the top of the page under the Graal Reborn banner. Anyway, I found this for you, just follow what this says:

Yes! You can build and host free servers/ have someone host your server.
No! You cannot practice GS2 because the Graal Reborn client works exclusively with GS1. Keep in mind that there is currently no NPC server support.

check out the tutorial section. beholder made a decent tutorial on how to set up a gserver, how to create large maps, etc. just poke around the forums, you will find it. check the level, gfx, npc, etc sections as well. i also posted some tutorials there for free programs to make art with, and a bunch of templates to make other things.

:slight_smile: welcome to the forum.