Server not showing up On list.

I followed the text file to the letter. The port is saying its forwarded in the console (i did it on my router as well).

But I dont see the server in the list when I log on.

Any veterans able to help me out?

It shows up on the RC list when I go to remote control connect.

I was running the 2.31 exe by the way

who do you have to blow to get a server on the list around here?

hahahaha, does it have to be put on by an admin on the forums here?

probably that webpage

last time i did that they deleted my server. Butts may have been a crappy server, but it was my crappy server.

Ok its on the list, i automatically get DCed when I try to connect console says

New Client (2.22+)
Version GN28015 2.31
Account Astal

do i need a 2.40 client? If so i tried the newest

I’m not very savvy but I’d try another client, perhaps 2.31

i am also stoned and available at 3 am

It worked, I went to the 2.22 server. I didnt see that was the default one in use here

time to build an epic server. Im glad I came back here, i joined before there was a working client/server

what is your server name?

They made a new rule now u can’t name your server about anything near the bottoms, hosler, you made history :smiley:

well. stupid rules are made by stupid people.

jk. everyone here is smart.




I feel a change in the matrix.

And astal while you say your going to make an awesome server the fact still applies to everyone that your not good when you begin. I recommend not setting your hopes too high and being realistic. Just because beholder is crazy enough to successfully script a furniture system doesnt mean you have to just yet. Work up to it like everyone whos decent at GS1 did.

wtf tricxta. let him do what he wants to do.

but tricxta is the one

Imma name my server Thighs

So, uhh why is this still open?