Server Updates!

Tuesday, March 6/12

  • Added 6 new additional levels to the mayai temple. Once i get roughly 50% finished the dungeon, at least for tile laying, we will be opening up the other continent for you to explore, and hang out in. with hopefully some npcs and enemies.

  • Finished databasing heads and bodies. for new heads please do this sethead ahead#.png . All heads are in ping format, and have been looked through for possible relevant and fun avatar heads. ahead’s go up to 600 so far. More are coming.

As for bodies. they go up to 53 so for new bodies and additional ones do this, setbody abody#.png . more are being added as we go.

  • upload and submission email created. All emails regarding personal heads, levels etc to be added to the overworld can be submitted here. [email protected]

  • Day/Night System is being worked on. 80% complete

  • Mayai Temple Dungeon has began its construction, About 5 levels are already been created for the east wing.

  • New Sub Forums up, please post to particular threads relating to content.