Server's down...

Right as I’m in the middle of being profoundly irritated by Destiny Pyramid, too.

Oh, right… I need to get the rat form. Siii-iiigh…

Yeah. It’s still not up. :confused:

Now what am I supposed to do instead of working :frowning:


Ok Not using ver 2.0 anymore.

So, the experiment didn’t work, I take it?

Doesn’t matter, the server’s back! :smiley:

I’ve yet to see a positive review of 2.0.

I’ve yet to see any bug reports.

Only because ‘The whole thing’ isn’t specific enough.

The thing is, there is no program has stopped responding/working message, it just acts like the server is still running, even showing players in the RC playerlist, (even if they had logged off already), the RC doesnt respond, but gserver.exe is running in my processes. Doesn’t show up on the serverlist. And this happens about 20 minutes to an hour after starting the gserver, with no warning.

Create a core dump using the official 2.0.0 exe. I should be able to see where it is hanging.

now the unstick me bug is back

v2.0.0 doesn’t seem to have much problem while running on linux. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t get stuck and you won’t have to unstick.

fix the crappy levels and it won’t happen. lol there’s an actual level that says “you’re stuck in a hole. use unstick me to leave”

I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Server’s down… again.