serverwarp npc ?

It’s possible to create an serverwarp npc ?

if (playertouchsme) serverwarpto servername;


Grammar police.

Sorry it irritated me.

And yes, it is possible

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Idk serverwarps (i dont use them) but wasnt it just: if (playertouchsme) { serverwarp bomber arena; }


Dont trust that.

serverwarp server;

Bomber Arena uses a no-break space, doesn’t it?


It does :open_mouth:

I know this might be a silly question, but what’s the point? Why not just press f8? I am curious because if there is some kind of point I might consider adding it to my server, XD. lol

if only it was glitched so you could “accidentally” warp into staff only servers…

I’m pretty sure if the NPC gets broken for a warp to a server other than Bomber, it sends you to Bomber.

It might send you to Graal 2001 now though, since that’s the top most one in the Gold list.

Bomber’s server index is the lowest though.