Zolderon has been having problems with setlevel (nothing wrong with setlevel2 afaik). I’ve noticed that sometimes setlevel just doesn’t work, and players need to reconnect once or twice to get it to work.

Urza has Zolderon hosted on the new unofficially released GServer.

Is it possible to create a small test that can duplicate your issue? Those really help me. A lot. Then I don’t have to procrastinate on fixing the bug because I don’t want to attempt to duplicate it.

I just have a simple flag check with a setlevel

It’s never happened to me while testing, but it happens to other people sometimes.

It happens in my level with Beholder’s preloader, and in a singleplayer level. Those are the only instances I use setlevel instead of setlevel2.


setlevel2 newlevel.nw,playerx,playery;

setlevel is deprecated and most likely a client bug causing the issues due to lack of support, check newfeatures.txt when setlevel2 was added.

He knows this already. He was just commenting on it so it could be fixed.

Yeah. I know about setlevel2 but it save space using setlevel in longer scripts when you want x and y to be the same.

i want to know how long your scripts have to be where space becomes an issue.

… He means for the community in general.


12kb! Anything after that gets cropped off (when being sent to the client).
It’s an annoying bitch and things like strtofloat( ), triggeraction and string/variable names will bloat the fuck out of your code :smiley: And at times, spaces count.

lol I love how long your rep bar is Beholder

For some reason Beholder has spawned a “Thanks” cabal.

I just tested this. setlevel uses the same packet as setlevel2. If setlevel is breaking, so should setlevel2. And so should any other warp. You may want to check your scripts and/or foldersconfig.txt file. Marking as resolved.