Sewer Tiles!

Dear Community

so i was messing about with some programs i never play with on my computer, and some of them were extremely fail…like really bad. but then i stumbled upon some good ones, and began to mess about. and well, in the end. i made a tileset that i have pretty much no use for. well i might make it into something one day, but yeah…its free to use for the graal reborn community.

there is many details in it. and it takes a bit of playing with to get used to it. i also recommend looking at screenshots or maps of the sewers from chrono trigger to give you a good idea as to how to use these, they are a bit complicated, but rewarding if you can tile right and know what you are doing.

anyways, ill post a screenshot and the download for the tileset. and yes this is for anyones use as usual from me to use. i will be working on several more in the future. so here they are! the sewer tilesets. i think i might make a jail level on chronicles of gaia with them, give the level that drip water sound from chrono trigger and a bucket to do nasty in while you sit in my jail haha

anyways, enjoy. no credit needed to go to me, if you would like to add to this tileset, please go right ahead.

and beholder, i am currently working on a dark world tileset for you, as i remember you mentioning it would be cool to see one, so im going to make one. i needed one anyways for my server :slight_smile: enjoy all, hope they work well for you :slight_smile:

EDIT: i am adding a screenshot so no clicking is needed until you actually want the tilesets.


not too much to report on, but whatever.

  • ladder section so you can reach the surface
  • chests have been changed so you have them look techy for the feel of the server.
  • chairs also added for sitting.
  • 6 different wall varations to work on so its no so plain.
  • the water is shallow walking as well, so you can make some deep sewer mazes that lead other areas.

Damn that looks good

Spooon could use these for his Chrono Trigger server…

you can test them out…the link is there. anyone can use these. i will be doing some more for the community. im sick of looking at the same old graal tilesets. they hurt my face. so if anyone has requests for there servers, i can rip and match and go with anything pretty much. it just depends on time and stuff. im still working heavy on my server. but i dont mind helping out :slight_smile:

We have been talking about doing a Secret of Mana server for awhile.

i could totally help with that. those tiles are easy to play with. i will be working on a tile template soon. it will make for easy clean up and adding stuff too. lemme know when you guys start it, and i will help with the tiling area of it :slight_smile:

EDIT: you know what, ill work on a grassland area tiles from secret of mana tonight. lemme just work on some resources and ill post it in this graphics area for you to see. maybe that might jump start this poorly modivated group to get it done haha. if not…ill use them anyways :smiley: ill get back to you on it.


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