Shamrock Updates Thread!

I am planning on using this for updates in relation to the server, Shamrock!

Description for those unfamiliar with the server:We at Shamrock are striving to be an equivalent thereof of a classic “party server”. Think N-pulse+Babylon+Rudora+Delteria all mixed into one big ball… or should I say shamrock of fun! Our main intent is to provide entertainment away from questing. Questing of course still will be a big part of the server, but entertainment of the players when they have all finished doing all the quests is essential too. Otherwise just like what happened to Delteria will happen to Shamrock. I.E. “OH wow, these quests are awesome!”, then everyone finishes the quests and guess what…? They all leave. Obviously I have high hopes but I would like to see GR populated one day with 20+(Luckily I know a lot of dedicated nerds irl and online that will most likely be interested when the server is a LOT closer to completion and people can start seeing the, “big picture” of the server.) people on in a given day playing events and questing on Shamrock. Anyways.

TLDR? Party server with loads of events and questing!

Want to keep up to date on how development is going? You’ll probably find most information, here!

Currently have…

*18 WORKING Events.(Some of these, courtesy of Urza’s coding.) Two of these events can be made into “Tourney Events”

*Five broken but mostly working events.

*Pub, “Events House”, PK Area, Events Shop(Still in development, and will be completed when we make more event items to get from winning EC in events.)

*Event Coins(Courtesy of Urza.)

*Development plans for at least TEN major dungeons and ten major weapons you’ll get for each one of them to get to the next.

*One 75% done “maze” quest for a special “prize” at the end.

Most Recent:
Slashtastic event made, as well as a “Defend the Gate” event. Both in fully working condition.

Future Plans:
Hosting of a few “unique to shamrock” tourney events and the old-schools like spar tourneys, and knockout tourneys. At least, when I am less busy and can get an idea of at least a small amount of people’s schedules so I know when to host them.

We’re looking for…
As always we’re looking for LAT’s, GAT’s, and NAT’s that have a strong interest in the development of a Classic “party server” with plans similar to what N-pulse and Babylon were like, with a mix of a bit of Rudora/Delteria. I would name a few other niche’ servers that helped inspire Shamrock but uhhh, that would be kind of pointless as they were private servers on official graal that most of you probably never heard of. BTW. You aren’t a LAT if you put a bunch of abusive NPC’s into a level and call it “latting”. You aren’t a GAT if you submit to me a bunch of stolen graphics. You aren’t a NAT if you can’t code beyond the opening and closing of a door. Alright, other than that. If there is anyone at all interested, let me know. I strongly need LAT’s right now. GAT’s would be nice, but aren’t a necessity.

Thanks for reading!

Updated as of… 6/25/2011
This will be the last update for a while. I just felt it was important to mention the description to those unfamiliar with the server.

P.S. Feel free to share CONSTRUCTIVE criticism in relation to the server. As in, what you think of the events, what other kinds of events you would like to see on Shamrock, what can be done to IMPROVE the server.

Oh god, you’re NOT thinking of hiring, for real, are you!? >:|

Hahah, I might get lucky. I am not too sure, but I really want some latting work done and I know I don’t have enough time personally to do too much of it at the moment.

Yay sounds good, to bad your aiming for too much… Aim for 5 dungeons imo and see how you feel from there lol =P

Sounds exciting though, can’t wait to see how you get along.

I’m just saying that I want to, but I am too busy with MY stuff, and the rest of people who apply probably wont be as good as you need.

Yeah guys. Yenairo iZ TeH UbeRneZt!

I can LAT sometimes.

Careful, I might just use that as a quote in my signature. ;3

Don’t stroke his cock ego. Otherwise we’re all in for a wonderful thread. XD

Sweet! First server I played on! I remeber how cool I thought it was…good luck making it better!

Oh, yeah. I totally get what you’re saying. I mean, I have them planned out. I’ll probably only get two or three done in the next few months or so. I think i’ll have more side quests done than actual main ones. Main one’s take a lot more effort on my part… and as Yenairo and many others know, I haven’t even finished my original side-quest i was working on lol(Oh, and btw. It’s going to be hidden in the map somewhere since it’s prize is quite luxorious.)

Are they ever as good as we need? lol, :animesmiley:

Eh. If I hired everyone who has applied I would have about 30+ staff. Sad thing is, of those 30+ staff 25 of them wouldn’t be all that great(And there would be a lot of TRUST issues considering I wouldn’t really know them.). The other two or three would be ok… and the two that are the “best” would hardly ever get on.

Yeah, I am taking a different approach than most server owners do. I want to develop things PLAYERS can do to keep them interested in the server, while the further “behind the scenes” development like questing and such goes under-way. I figure, build a community and keep people in it and then attract more potential staff that can actually truly help develop the server. Thanks! In general, it’s a work in progress… and I really don’t have much time to spare lately.

i used to go on this sever all the time :smiley:

Everyone should play Bomber Arena and lose to me.

I mean, Bomber Arena has so much to do! You can play Bomberman, Break-Out!, Snake, and that high-striker thing! You can listen to music, chat, spar, and idle! YOU CAN IDLE!


There’s that Cave Story clone, too. If you can find it.
Konami code and what not.

up up down down left right left right b a enter.
had that thing memorized since i was little.