Happy birthday! Have a good one :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Graphics Master! :smiley:

Er. Shiny is really good, but I wouldn’t call him a master.

Happy Birthday Shiny.

Riley, make shiny a Birthday Cake.
Graal Style. puts on glasses

Also, happy birthday.

Not a master, but I figure it’d be a nice statement to say on his birthday considering I admire his graphics a lot. I admire a lot of others graphics too like Riley’s though, it’s not meant to be sucking up or anything. (That statement was for future trolls.)

Haha you suck up…
Woah. It doesn’t work!
It was not very effective…

yay for birthdays

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Shiney. I knew to check here, because it’s DustyPorViva’s birthday on Graalonline. Mmhm…

happy birthday

It depends on how you want to define being a master. Seems like the typical definition is someone who has become adept, or learned a skill… I guess I would qualify. It also seems the definition of mastery is a lot more lax than the actual implications the word seems to have in usage. When I think of a master I think of someone who has learned almost all there is to a skillset… but that’s troublesome because can you ever actually perfect a skill? I doubt it.

Also, it’s hard to call anyone an art master because there are so many fields of art. Yes, I am very skilled at pixelart but my traditional drawing skills have diminished over the years, and I can’t paint on a canvas worth a damn. I guess under some definitions I could be a master of pixelart, but then I’d be lined up with the likes of Henk Nieborg and he’s in a totally different league than me. He is truly a master of pixel art in ANY definition.

Also, thanks for the birthday wishes :stuck_out_tongue:

ur a master

Happy bdayy

the only thing anyone around here is a master at is bating

Well, I do know my way around fishing. :slight_smile: Oh wait… I see what you did there…

Not Baiting.
I don’t see why you did that. lol