should I pay for security?

My laptop was hacked once again by a bunch of god damn foreigner’s!! Should I pay for firewall and antivirus software and if so what do you recommend?


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Avast! is basic protection and it’s free. I’ve never had a problem with it, it’ll miss a virus here and there when I’m on sketchy websites, but nothing it can’t clean with a scan. I think there is a seasonal sale 1-year protection for $20.

I’ve been using Avast for years, but I don’t have the Internet access to get into any real trouble. :stuck_out_tongue: I should really research to see what all is available now, but the free Avast has been fine for me.

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If you’re willing to have a stupid sluggish antivirus, Avast is the best.
If you want to stop having to think of viruses, use a Linux distro or a plain Mac. (Most viruses were made for Windows machines)

If you want my opinion on viruses, simply stay wary and install Avast for a startup scan when you’re suspecting something might be wrong; uninstall afterward.

what are you doing?

how do people even get viruses? I pirate tons of shit and torrent dumb stuff and I never have to worry about viruses.

                                                                                                                                                                               that's the thing. Don't do shit except for post on here now and then I don't use torrent's or p2p and haven't downloaded anything except 2 pixel programs. My wife is always on Facebook so I'm guessing that's what it is...

Go Linux and never worry again