Should we switch forum software?

Recently we’ve started to have some performance issues with the forums, it turned out to be because of a incompability issue with PHP 5.4 so we downgraded to PHP 5.3. However, after the downgrade the performance got just slightly better, but the rest of the sites hosted on the server loads much faster.

I would like to go back to using SMF forum software. This would change nothing, still the same users, same threads and same posts. “Thanks” will however probably be reset. I’ll set up a SMF forum as a test and convert the database to work with that software and see if the performance is better. If it is I would like to switch to that. BUT, I want your opinion! So I made this poll for you to vote. If you vote to stay with vBulletin, you’d have to either live with the performance issues or find someone that can fix them for us.