Showimg parameter

It’s been awhile since I’ve been scripting GS1 and I’m glad to be back…

unfortunately, I cant remember what image numbers the command showimg use for local / server-wide drawing…

I know that certain image numbers are only drawn locally and certain image numbers can be seen by other players, can someone give me the ranges if they know?

thanks :slight_smile:

I think it’s 250- are shown server-wide and 250+ is clientside, I know for fact 300+ is clientside. Tbh I can never remember the exact figures myself but I don’t you can go wrong if you just have images you intend showing locally at 300+ and server-wide 200-

Thanks alot!

If I’m not mistaken each player can project there own showimg x without interfering with each other as well, correct?

Both people have an NPCw that shoots a bullet (showimg 15), both players bullets would be visible at the same time? I guess if you dont feel like replying i could easily test this lazy atm lol

Yer, what you say is correct. Most script features only affect the clientside, the only things that aren’t are player and npc attributes and server strings showimg and it’s associates if you want to be technical.

I just use over 1000 index to be on the safe side for Clientside crap. It’s one digit more, but meh.

The extra numeral wouldn’t affect me negatively as I always name my vars anywho and only type it once, the extra digit will also be an easy indication by quick glance that it is client-side visible only, thanks

well no, I’m just saying that some people who have been scripting a lot would argue that saving one digit here and there is really important. (eg. instead of timeout = 0.05; they would just write timeout=.05; to save 3 characters)

You can just use callnpc for a separate NPC if you run out of space.

if it were that easy for the people who suggested it cough Shiny, Downsider and Beholder all did cough hack wheeze they wouldn’t have suggested it.