Silver Tab and Xialaza

We’ve been getting constant pressure from pretty much every idiot with a server project on how they deserve an exclusive tab. The current listing has been a thorn in our side for some time… I’d only leave GTA there, but dumping everything else still won’t solve the whole “void of more deserving servers” argument. Best we can do with what we’ve got is make Bomber and GTA one tab then and sweep the dead projects from the bronze tab.

I thought Xialza would eventually make the silver tab, but most progress has stalled and the staff is looking to move on to another project. All they want is validation, but all they have is a system they’ll probably carry to their future projects anyway. It’s basically a repeat of Kandora.

I don’t want to burn any bridges because they really are improving skills wise, but Xialza simply hasn’t met the playability/entertainment standard that we’re seeking to improve the higher tabs.