Simple GANI Making Tutorial

I’m planning on adding images some other time.

  1. We first need all of your sprites for the Gani. Create these in a similar size like these:

    *The more frames the smoother the GANI, too smooth=too long, or too realistic in some cases.

  2. Open up GraalShop.

  3. Select the White Page icon to start a new GANI.

  4. Click on the Explosion, toget to add a sprite definition.

  5. In the first left hand box, type the image’s name in your computer (ie Explosion_1.png or Boat_Left.png)

  6. In the second box, you don’t have to, but you can write a quick name.

  7. In the third box, change it TO ANOTHER NUMBER every time you add another definition.

  8. In the top right, after you correctly add a sprite, you will see a tab called direction. After adding all your sprites, click them-> go to Definition-> Put the direction of usage.

  9. Here is where it gets fun! At the bottom you will see a time bar. Everytime you click the white page, another frame is added. Drag a sprite into the box positioned correctly, then click new frame and add another if applicable.
    EACH ‘VIDEO’ or PLAY BAR is only for the DIRECTION you have selected, so be sure to choose the proper direction for each sprite you add.
    If you have a two-frame sprite for each direction, for example, if you click on the different directions in the tab and press play it will show you these two images being played for the selected direction.

  10. Below direction is the sprite selection for the category, which helps out when you have mulitiple or hard-to-tell different sprites for one direction.

  11. Below the sprite selection are some terms you can edit. For this simple tutorial, set Loop to True and Continuous to True OR False depending on which type of GANI you chose to do.

  12. Double-check to make sure all your frames for each direction run smooth.

  13. Have fun using your new GANI!

That should help out some nubbies.