Simple NPC Command Questions.

What would I use for a command of an NPC to set it’s X and Y position?
Also, Can I set a sign to be vertical insetead of horizontal?
Also, Can I make the sign bigger than two blocks wide?

just put in
if (playerenters) {
x= (number you want);
y= (number you want);

if (playerenters) {

you would need to use a custom npc to turn it but you can use setzoom for making it bigger.

I thought it was this.x and this.y?

x = 30;
y = 30;

Vertical Signs: No, but you can fake it.
if(playerenters) setshape 1,16,32; if (playertouchsme) say2 Hello I am Queef Burger;

Bigger than two blocks: No but you can stack them, or use the above method.

I am trying to switch an NPC back and forth between 2 images. I have:
if(created) {setimg statue1.png; sleep .1; setimg statue2.png; sleep .1;

How do I make it repeat continuously so it looks like it is moving?

if(playerenters || timeout) {
setimg statue1.png;
sleep .1;
setimg statue2.png;
timeout = 1;

Or you know, could take the logical step and make it an animated image or gani.

I read the gani making guide and I couldnt figure it out. I also can’t make images because I don’t have a quality photo editor. Any gifs that I kae come out in poor quality and don’t blend in.

Google “Animagic”. It’s small enough to fit on a floppy disk.

Animagic is great. I can even make Gifs with it. The only problem is when I make gifs and I use them as an NPC image, the picture shows up the right size but the box around it is the same size as the screen. The crop diesn’t seem to work like a normla crop. Do you know how to fix this?

I recommend copying/pasting same sized frames into the program.
The Eyedropper tool in Animagic sets the transparent color.

ganis are so damn easy to make

I still can’t get animagic to make a gif correctly. Is there a free gif editor that is more than just a 30 day or 60 day free trial?

Don’t worry about the trial period on that (its easy to crack and/or bypass)
The trial period on that is based on your comp clock, all it does is removes some features, removes “save” in some versions long after it has expired. Rolling the PC clock back re-enables it. Lol

I have two questions Beholder. I was looking at your map making tutorial and where you talk about making a .txt file with the levels like “level1.nw”,“level2.nw”,“level3.nw”, and so on. If level 3 is linked to levels 2,4,5 and 6 how do I list them? Does it matter which order as long as they are all there?

Another question is about the Classic Graal DVD. I went to downloads section and it is only like 1.44 GB and everyone talks about a 2GB download. More importantly, when I click on the download button it doesn’t download. Is there somewhere else to get it and is it free?

It “appears” in the order as they are in the grid.

"level30.nw","level200.nw","moptop.nw","yomomma.nw", "","level201.nw","noob.nw","32.nw", "level23.nw","level21.nw","stuff.nw","hello.nw"

it remains in the grid, new lines mean a new row. Leaving it blank with “”, means there is no level there, and it will automatically be handled by graal as a black, or non-existant level.

Can someone tell me the difference between hammer power 1,2, and 3?

Hammers are NPCs, it can be whatever the hell the scripter wanted them to be. Lol