Simple Radio

Very simple Radio that will play when a player logs on.
When they fire it, it will shut off or cut on.
If something is not right, let me know.
It worked fine for me both offline and online.

add it as an attachhment…

Traditional “Radio”
Images not provided. (radio_on.gif, radio_off.gif)

//"DJ" Room // Play Music: "/play song.mid" if (playerchats) { if(!strequals(#c,)) { if(!startswith(/play,#c)) setstring server.radio_c,#e(0,10,#n) : #c; else setstring server.radio_m,#e(6,-1,#c); } }

//Player Radio if (playerenters && this.on==0) setimg radio_off.gif; if (playertouchsme) toweapons Radio; if (weaponfired) { this.on = (this.on+1)%2; if(this.on==0) { stopmidi; setimg radio_off.gif; } else { setimg radio_on.gif;} while (this.on==1) { setplayerprop #c,#s(server.radio_c); if(!strequals(#s(server.radio_m),)) playlooped #s(server.radio_m); else stopmidi; sleep 0.05; } }

Though it would only be useful on a mid sized server. (20~30 players)

It is an attachment. You can download it like it is.
(I tried it from the download page. It worked for me.)

Yeah, noticed that afterwards. It didn’t show as a regular attachment so I was confused.

Yeah, that was confusing me too. :slight_smile:
So I downloaded it just in case, but it came out fine.