Single player intances of online levels?

Hi guys!

I’m sorry in advance if this has already been answered before, but is there a way to make a level “single player” ; meaning that when you enter it, you can’t see other players and every NPC executes only for you?

I’m trying to fix issues on the Classic Graal Adventure server that were never addressed on Classic, such as many bosses that glitch when you’re 2 players, especially if one of them has already done the boss.

I could rebuild most of them using server-side vars, but this would be very time consuming and isn’t a priority at the moment. An option to enable single-player instances would be wonderful!

Thanks in advance for your help!

Afaik you put a single npc with “singleplayer;” in the level, it only works online as it is something to do with the GServer

It works!

Thanks a lot, this is going to fix so many dumb glitches!

Can this singleplayer; command be enabled conditionally? I guess not but I’m asking just in case…

(I could also sort players based on a condition and warp them to a copy of the level with this command enabled)

Yeah. I think this is how we do it. Not sure about the former.

No. There is an instance triggeraction hack, though. I don’t think anyone has actually tried it out yet.

I tried building a party system with it for Riley. It was relatively successful but lacks the ability to remove users from a group and is very powerful when paired with downsider’s execscript triggerhack. The missing removal of group member functionality should be able to be easily resolved however.