Site looks sexy

I would like to congratulate @Yggdrasil on a job well done. I am thankful for the fact that our website doesn’t look like shit any more.

Seems legit

hmm nice.

nice hat man.

;))))))))) thxs xim

I wanna hear @Codr say this site is sexy

It’ll be sexy when we have names for the online users list.

Future conditional tense still counts.

The Graal look needs to be applied to the dark theme too.

can we get the shitty look back.

this is the shitty look though :sweat_smile:

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I’m really liking the fact that I can set threads to be completely ignored and never show up as having new posts.

Big facts



Okay but how about now?

Though, I can’t guarantee the mobile version looks any good (in fact, don’t check that, I’m sure it probably doesn’t.)

edit: okay I also fucked around with the categories page, in case anyone’s interested in sorting that out
that’s likely gonna be me who am I kidding

edit2: flew too close to the sun, it’s broken again whoops

edit3: fixed
also I have no idea if it switched you guys over to the new theme or not soooooooooooooo if anyone is actually reading this you can just try it out while I iron out the kinks I guess!

edit4: okay it’s more or less done, I mean, there’s still some rough edges in some fringe parts of the site that I’m sure I’ve forgotten, but if anyone finds anything feel free to point it out. I also added a nifty feature to the site maybe you won’t even notice it.


it’s in my user card

Yes, we can have nice things like that.

Additionally, if anyone is still stuck on the old default theme, be sure to head over to your user settings > interface and switch to the new theme.