Snow town. How to get there?

Help. I don’t understand how to get to Snowtown

me too please help

I don’t remember anything :’(

I think you need the tyhm hookshot or something…

Uhmm guys, every noob knows you have to purchase either a lantern or a draisine (both of which cost 3000 graalats) to gain access to snowtown. We’re talking about the iPhone version here, right?? :wink:

Wait, you can play Graal on your phone now?!

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Should be posted here:

Snow Town can be reached by completing Tyhm’s quest and thereby obtaining Call Spaceship. The path up to Snow Town can also be reached after you’ve obtained Jolt Bomb in Chaotica, why I’ll never know.

If by playing graal, you mean purchasing an absurd amount of graalat packs to buy hats and other needless cosmetics to compete in the social fashion scene with your friends. If so… then yes sir, you can!

well it’s called graal, but it’s more like an app that robs you

I have jolt bombs. but man on road to snow town does not allow to enter…

Ok I’ve applied a fix.