So, about canada and it's people.

All emos, I hear.

I hear there changing there flag icon a bit, from the leaf to the pot leaf.

Was it a Maple Leaf?

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Why’s that guy have a cat on his shoulder?

Might be Dontar after he dropped his weight and put a cat on his shoulder to confirm that it’s him.

hmm someone should ask

Don’t look at me, I didn’t do it :open_mouth:

A tourist’s kid actually said “Canadia” last Monday.

Dontar has something where he’s afraid of people therefore would not leave his house also I believe just by talking to him he’s afraid of is mother dying at which he calls his mother “mother”. I have no clue if he’s a live though if his mother goes not sure where he would be at…

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Beholder last season for corner gas though :frowning:


Hunters and fisherman, there’s apparently some nice areas down there.

(Antarctica is at the top, everyone knows that!)

Antarcticia you mean?

down ? you live in canada’s attic or something ?

Antarctica apparently

I spelled Canada and Canadia in Bookworm but it wouldn’t take either.

Canada doesn’t exist in proper society.

i lol’d

i didnt think anyone lived up there , just the scientist doing research .

Nope. Keiya lives up there.