so many languages to choose from....

Thought I should post this here, this may also serve as future reference:

A friend of mine suggested that we attend a Tech Camp, our school endorses it and we got a pretty good deal.
The camp has several courses to choose from, ranging from Programming, Game Design, App Development, Web Design & 3D Modeling.
After doing some research, I might want to start server-side Programming.
There are three options:
-C++ Programming
-Java Programming
-iPhone Development (Objective-C)

Anyway, it’s only a 2 week course, I’ll be staying overnight at a university, I just wanted to know what would be the best option for
what I had in mind, as I heard that each language has it’s advantages and disadvantages…
I really enjoy working on “concept designs” the kind of stuff that you may find on (I posted an image below).
I’m obviously not looking to magically start creating concepts, I know it will take some time + future work on my own (outside of the camp),
but it’s just what I wanted to do…

The thing about “concept designs” is that there are many different ways to create them.
I see a lot of concepts made on the Web, some just a mix-match of buttons and colors in Photoshop
and some (this is what I’d like to do) real server side programs. This may be easier in another language
say C# or Python or I might as well just stick to the web languages, but I would also like for this to serve as a learning experience and
possibly something that would be useful even if I decide to change project ideas.

Thanks for your help.

“Concept Designs”

If you can learn C++ you shouldn’t have problems learning any other programming language. Java shouldn’t be too difficult to learn, and is quite similar to C#. You mentioned iPhone development so i’m assuming java would be used for android development. You could develop your app in C++ and use the code in both your android and iphone app.

It really depends on how motivated and interested you are, but I think web languages might be a better choice. PHP is a really good place to start imo, first script language I picked up after graal. Relatively easy too.

C++, Java, and Objective C are your only options? C++ is my suggestion because I doubt they are gonna go too hardcore given only 2 weeks. C++ will at least allow you to learn basic programming syntax without letting fancy non primitive datatypes get in the way. Are those really the only options? Anyway, python can be used as a web scripting language. So if you really want to get into web apps, then I say use python. I’m pretty sure python can publish stuff via web servers. I primarily use PHP, but every time I use python I always end up saying something like “why the fuck don’t I use this all the time?” Now java will be good if you want to make android apps and only android apps. I really can’t hate on java much because I used it to advance in a a preliminary programming competition at my university, but that was only because I forgot to bring my C++ book and I found a java book in the trunk of my car (we were allowed a reference book). Uhhh i lost track about what i was trying to say. Do whatever you want, really. It’s camp. Just have fun and try to get with girls.

I’ve never heard of anyone actually learning stuff at a tech camp

I somewhat agree with Joey. However, I’d say go and learn java. It has a nice all round support, it’s very user friendly and you can write up something that ACTUALLY WORKS pretty quickly without having to worry about proper design planning too much.

C++ is fantastic if efficiency is your aim,but being the novice you most likely are, the gains aren’t worth your trouble.
So what I’d say is, go with java.

Yeah C++ can be difficult to learn but you’re better off learning it while your young. I’d suggest C# over Java if that’s an option.

Thanks again for the help and Happy Halloween!.

Sadly C#, Python, PHP and Javascript aren’t listed…
Everyone suggested something different, so I’d like to ask a few follow up questions…

Would I also be able to use the code if I did that in Java (I know I can for Android, but what about iDevice)? By that do you mean that C++ is a better resource?

I heard C# is a fun language to learn/user-friendly, but since it isn’t on the list, would Java be a good start?
As I said earlier I’m mainly interested in creating concept-based programs (like media players, dashboards…), so any server-side language
that will help me get there faster and more efficiently is what I’m looking for. :stuck_out_tongue:

Java can be run server side, but don’t go there. All the BEANS will make you go nuts!

Nah dude, they’re easy as long as your adhere to the semantics set out.

You can’t use java for iphone development as far as i know. Their are projects like xamarin which allow you to use C# to develop an application that works across both devices.

I’m not sure what you mean by server-side but if you’re referring to a project like our gserver which hosts an application that clients can connect too, then C++ is preferable.

Yup I know iPhone Development is mostly done in Objective-C, though you said that I could develop an application in C++ and then use the code in both iPhone and Android apps?
I’m a bit confused as I know Java is used for Android Development, but then using C++ for Android would seem a bit odd? Did you mean that I could easily transpose the code?
Sorry for all the questions, I’m still torn between Java and C++, and I really want to start on the right track. 3:

Can I just say Rammy i’m jealous?

Okay, after doing some more research (and thanks to the suggestions on this thread) , I found that most people say the following things:

Java: easier than C++, mostly used for simple applications, media players, games/apps that can run on the web and even on mobile device (Android).

C++: difficult to begin with, but will be useful for creating complex programs (used in finance, video games, high-performance embedded and real-time systems, transportation, manufacture…) that run faster than any other alternative (some say it runs faster since Java has to use a virtual machine, this may be wrong but that’s what I heard).

For the type of projects I have in mind Java will be a better alternative, since I barely have any previous programming experience and I’m basically shooting for simple programs and applications that aren’t exactly platform dependent.
Hopefully I can learn C++ later on.

I hope this thread serves as a resource for others.

Where I go to school the teachers are pretty much retarded and are getting us to learn Python or some shit in IT. Guess I’ll be skipping that class.

Python is good.