so this place is agonising

So does anyone wish to help my latest server see the light of day?
I’m nostalgic to the idea I will never code again in gs1. I’ve learned so much from it. I’ll have to move on to what, I don’t know. Stuff will be different, I don’t know of any good game development community… I’m without words as to how different things will be.

Edit: I have no idea how the chatroom is going btw.

depends, what kind of stuff do you want help with?

Ok, found back my list most things are in my head so I’ll have to develop them.
The list reads:
Sewers dungeon
Cemetary scene
Cemetary level
FF battle
Prison scene and level
Way to the port, blocked and swim
Port level, transition to boat game
Darkness maze
Beer chug contest (tetris)
Finish sandsnake dream
Finish the invisible npcws
Finish the todos I left here and there.
Last minigame

I’ll add more detail shortly

Edit: I believe i will detail that first week of april. Once i get my computer installed where I live actually. It’ll me much simpler because right now I can only access from my cellphone’s browser

Just pointing this out to help with your English. That’s not how you use that word. Nostalgic things are limited only to things in the past, and do not describe future things that may come up. Perhaps you meant to describe the feeling you have about the community itself, and the experiences you had, which make you want to return to a time when they were more important to other people. You yourself cannot be nostalgic to something though, and the way you worded your sentence uses the adjective to describe your first person pronoun. “I am nostalgic.”

I hope that didn’t come off as preachy.

Those sound like really interesting events, by the way. What’s the FF Battle?

This seems cool, I’d help out depending on how well organised you are regarding assets and instructions.

I know it was an unconventional use of the word. The FF battle is a early final fantasy type turn based battle. Just for the kicks (?). What I’ve been working on is a flexibility challenge to myself and a try to push further the boundaries of graal, a good part of it are games inside the game with a lode runner like game at the end, if I (we) can manage it.

I should be organised enough, I’ve lead a couple of projects in the past and they went smoothly.

My friend did a FF style combat system in GS1 years ago. His files are super messy but I have all of them and I believe it used to work, do you wanna take a look at those?

Why not, I will not be able to look at them until next month though.

How so, then?

everything is boring for the spooonster