So uh whats up

I just checked in on Reborn after a long hiatus.

Here’s what i can gather:

  1. my old account (named Basi) doesnt work / i dont know the password or email
  2. I still have reborn downloaded but of course my log in information doesnt work there
  3. theres a top secret discord that id love to be in
  4. i registered a new account for the time being; that info wont let me log into the 222 client either

If you register the account with the same account name in everyone’s account folder, you should have your data saved.
Ask someone who can reset your password on the forum to do so (an administrator).
Idk about the discord.
where did you register the account at?

i have no idea what you mean by that :confused:

Account db was wiped last year

gotcha. do we have a client?

my new account info doesnt work on the client i have

Graal_222.exe same one

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Good ol Graal

Yeah, “Good”.

Better than any of you deserve.

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Spooon is like a relentless, pro-wrestling heel’s heel.

Spooon: Fuck Graal
Also Spooon: Fuck you for saying Fuck Graal

It’s more that I hate Graal as a whole because it is a broken, trash heap of a game that will never be fixed and will only continue to get worse, and fuck the people that complain about how GR is broken or not enough like GraalOnline when it’s free for them to use.