So what's new


Yo, I am back after a hiatus of what…5-6 years . What’s happened?
I was hoping to find this place booming, cus it’s outside Stephane’s facist grip…
Anyone know where I can get shit back, like the client and Gserver hosting?

I was the one who ran Alchera a long time ago


We don’t host anything Graal anymore because copyrights and the french man got mad.
It’d be nice to have one more person on our discord though…
But I don’t know how to invite XD


I wouldn’t mind being on this discord I hear of but I doubt people would want me on there any more than they wanted me on graalians forums


Hahahaha don’t worry, I’m not even sure who you are!


If Graal had a Cubone, that would be Ethacon. Based on their avatar. So who they are is Cubone. Graal Cubone. Graalbone. Cugraal.



Lol so they finally killed it? Damn


This community will never die. I merely am the night watcher.


makes sense :slight_smile: