So who is on the PWA now?

Just Urza and VariousWeapon?

Thanks to my alter-egos we should be able to maintain the four vote requirement regardless…

And who are they?

Well we could always get an extra votes from Dantor, Onimaxxx, and Yrief Yelir? BTW, Riley says he’s going to ban me from RoS if I keep pretending to be people. :’(

Dominatrix Spooon

Me and Cadavre talked earlier and agreed that their is no point in having such a large “playerworld team” (and i really am against the whole idea in general - but we came to an agreement) – Urza and VariousWeapon will be the two playerworld admins. I’m sure them two can do a fine job on determining if a server is playable for longer then 30 minutes (to get onto the classic tab anyway).

Hidden - Any unregistered playerworlds go here.
Hosted - Any server that is registered can go on this tab (or hidden).
Classic - Has to have some sort of playable content enjoyable for at least an hour or something…
Gold - I don’t think we have to worry about this for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Joey. I hope now everything will be more clam around here.

Thank you for working this all out, makes my job about 10 times easier

Only about 2x easier.