So yeah I am front page in google search

When I google “big tits misty” the very first picture is of some picture I’ve traced 4 years ago.

It isn’t even a good drawing but hey, I’m “front page”. In some way.

what a great thing to be proud of
btw nice option nationale pic on deviantart, nice to see you support extremely obscure quebec sovereignty parties

Well, that guy brought good ideas to the table back then. Now it’s all diluted in most political parties and will probably happen in the next few decades; like any new ideas on a political level.

My last vote for sovereignty was for the Bloc Quebecois at the last elections because felt pity; sovereignty isn’t a good choice anymore and I don’t support it. I support economical growth and protection of the environment.

IMO sovereignty only helps Canada and not Quebec since equalization payments help your province a lot
“I support economical growth and protection of the environment.” this is kinda funny too lol, since people like justin trudeau aka DUDE WEED basically want to kill the oil fields and our natural resource markets to help the environment, which we don’t even hurt that negatively btw, it’s more like chinese, and shitty 3rd world countries that think burning garbage is a good way to stay warm
but at least you’re politically active unlike most Canadian losers that just vote whatever looks good on the news
also the bloc quebecois had a pretty funny ad about mudslimes last election, probably making fun of dude weed for his love for arab cock
tbh i wish harper was still here this country is becoming shittier by the day since that moron got elected

I liked Harper too. His plan to reverse the debt trend was really neat. I wish it was happening right now, my province is still doing the compressions every provinces were mandated to do anyway… but will be hated for it because the goal disappeared. Politics are crazy, driven by parties’ interests to rule and make others seem unworthy with all kinds of strategy like refusing to vote a law that they would have voted if they were leading… just to make it seem the current party isn’t doing things right.

About environmental issues, I was thinking more of the foraging that was planned in the anticosti island. I’m glad it never happened, that place is a natural gem.

Sorry, my 5Go a month forbid me from watching videos.

But anyway, Dylan, you’re Canadian?

Harper? More like Hahahaharper, Enemy of the Poor and Master of the Sociopathic Smile. The best thing he did was appear on a Netflix ad.





yep, I’m a Canadian, live on the west coast
this country really pisses me off sometimes, I just want to shoot cool guns and play low taxes once I’m finished school

Sounds like you should move to freedom land

Yeah I guess we might be in a somewhat too socialist country. But it’s saving my life right now.

I don’t mind welfare states when they take care of people that actually need it, but there’s natives and now those mudslimes from syria that leech off the system and never give back

as for moving to freedom land, unless Trump gets elected I think it would be pretty shitty, lots of nig nogs and lefties there