[SOLVED] Community Request #2


Hey everyone,
Can anyone help me with a few questions I’ve got?

  1. Is there an easy way to change the original sounds? I’m thinking of a script that checks for every event and just stops the sound and plays a replacement sound.
  2. Is there a way to automatically update weapons the player has? I’m thinking of a txt based script for this to drop a txt npc when the player logs in to check versions of all player weapons then replace them.
  3. What is the trick to making body image colors work without messing up transparency? I’ve tried the “set the first 7 colors of the pallet” but that didn’t work, and sometimes I randomly get a body that works (like chewbacca worked,) but others randomly mess up, and I can’t figure out the pattern here.
  4. Is it possible to manage guild tags in game? I’m thinking of if there is a way to write to a txt file inside the client online, then have a cron on the server check that file for updates and write them to guild txt files.
  5. Is there a way to auto load graphics in all levels easier than this: on load use a txt to drop an npc to check the planet then warp the player to all listed levels rapidly so it’s not noticed, while showing a black overlay loading screen.

Thank you for your help in advance.

  1. I think you would have to make your own movement system? Someone more experienced can confirm perhaps.
  2. Back in the day classic would have all accounts go to a start level replacing / updating the systems. Could be done easier now I guess.
  3. No idea I got some global files in the listserver so maybe it’s checking and I don’t have Chewbacca in there. You could always test it offline in the level editor to confirm.
  4. That would be in your servers guild folder. Like GuildName.txt and your account,nickname in the file. There should be an example in the gserver folder
  5. No idea, probably can be done but there are others that know a lot more.

  1. I think you would have to make custom ganis with the sounds you want and script something that would replace ganis. (there’s a gscript command for that)

  2. There’s a folder in your gserver that contains all the weapons players have. You update that and make sure that your in game npcw is updated as well.

  3. Dunno… it’s supposed to work with palette colors and I’ve often heard complaints about it. I’ve never actually tried and don’t want to. Seems buggy.

  4. Yes. That’s also in the gserver but I don’t know how it works.

  5. You can make the client download the images you need through a script like this:
    tokenize “ce_pics1_dyl_edit_warp2.png”,

    this.image = 0;
    while (this.image < tokenscount) {
    for(this.i=0; this.i<100*(this.image < tokenscount); this.i++) { // Poll Max 100 Images per 0.05sec.
    showimg 500,#t(this.image),0,0;
    if(imgwidth(#t(this.image)) > 0) {
    hideimg 500;
    this.download = this.image/(tokenscount);
    if (this.download < 1) sleep 0.05;


Awesome thank you for the help with those, anyone know how to do 3 and 4? 3 May be no problem. Seems based on some files I can make them work, and some files with the same settings have incompatibility.

The only other thing I need is to know how to add a player to a guild by typing input from the player in game. Anyone know to do it through gserver?


Read the readme for the gserver. There are triggerhacks for guilds.


I should point out that it wont let you unset a player’s guild. You have to force them to chat setnick for that…


Found that, thanks for the help didn’t know we had that, definitely glad those are built in.


Indeed. Hail Nalin.