Some appaerance codes for kandora??

Are there a lot of codes for kandora?? if not what is a better playerworld

It doesn’t matter how you look just play the game kandora is a good playerworld untill you finish all the quests that are available cuz this isnt iphone graal thats my guess of where your from -___-

O_o …

sethead head#
setbody body#
setskin color
setsleeves color
setbelt color
setshoes color
setcoat color

I suggest going on Bomber Arena and using the appearance editor on the (Kleider) to find a look you like.

face palm
For 1, they’re not “codes”

‘sethead’ ‘setbody’ setshield’ ‘setsword’ are COMMANDS
‘head1000.png’ ‘body8.png’ ‘shield2.png’ ‘no-sword.png’ are FILENAMES.
They be files, files actually named body8.png.

“commandname filename” is not a code!
Up up down down left right left right B A Start is a code!

Also, no clue what playerprop images he has uploaded, probably roughly the same from everyone else.
Unsure if I uploaded a .txt file of all of the shields and sword images on one of my older servers, but for heads and body images, it’s generally


lmao i know they’re not codes i just call them that for short. I’m not from graal for iphone i used to play the actual graal online long ago and i used to know alot of file commands was wondering if kandora has any besides the numbered ones.

k, because everyone from iPhone graal calls 'em ‘code’ and it’s maddening it’s violated it’s way onto official from their new found iPhone population.

Makes me want to snap someone’s neck like a chicken o_o

yeah must be annoying i’ll say files and commands from now on. Didn’t know everyone hated reading that.

"Makes me want to snap someone’s neck like a chicken o_o "

and this is why i said i wouldn’t

You can do that with the quote button at the bottom of every post

Yup i know

what a fun convo



lol, time for an upgrade?

Hah! You’re buying!

just looked and oddly enough there are a lot of props with names instead of numbers . id wager tho that the main head folder giving me a decompression error has those in it .

Well aslong as head 883 is there and body 20, I’m good

jots down note containing death threats to all servers without head 883 and body 20.

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head6 is an iphone head on Kandora. Get it off now.

i formally refuse to give a damn . :smiley: