Some new game maker software comes with lots of free assets

Title says it all.

I haven’t tried anything because my bandwidth is very limited. But it looks good.

But it’s not actually free. Tried to download it and it asked for my credit card information :frowning:

Oh, too bad… :frowning:

lol $123,000 worth of assets for $99
these all look super cheap

Correction, $123,000 worth of assets for free for $99

well $122,001 of it is free


wow even more savings!!!

I think you’d be crazy not to capitalise on this incredible deal. It’s really too bad that I’m crazy, else I’d have at it.

This thread sucks. All of you did a bad job.

Hey, at least I linked to the transcript. At first, it was some long ass video of the guy saying all that’s written on that page. One of those videos I wonder why people think it sells. Really! How can people make videos about why they system works, who they are and how they conceived it, repeat it for 10 minutes and believe people will stay around.