some reborn help once again

so i figured everythin out, problem is i already registerd a server and i dont know its code to put it in the hq area, how can i find thism i cant re register again or anything, please help!

Check the icons right next to the server name.


…u mmmm

then you haven´t registered a servername.

How do I register, when I registered it say u already have, and I click manage and that image I post comes up. And u say u need register name, how do I register the name D: plz help :frowning:

You don’t even need to register to hop on your server.

derply derp derp derp

That is to play from the graal editor like test, I want to play it online like I’d am to join a classic player world server and can use rc and such in game, and test scripts for powers.

You still don’t need to register it